…Welcome back, so what’s new at ATS you ask ?…

February 2018

After our most recent shipment of products hits the ground, we’ve got a lot of new things to offer

We welcome on board our new 3-Series compound. This product, Yellow in colour, has been formulated specifically for mirror finishing Stainless Steel. 3-Series has the ability to give you an incredible mirror finish on 304 and 316 grades of Stainless, yet has an unusual amount of cut to it, allowing removal of sisal lines and light marking etc. Over the next weeks we’ll be putting up some videos of the product in action.

Keep an eye out for the videos or you can stay up to date and….click the link and follow our Facebook page.

January 2018

What a new years gift, our partners at NS Maquinas shared this new machine development with us, it’s poetry in motion.



We’re not certain if you’re aware, but some time back we launched out ATS Facebook page. We’ll be offering promotions, tech set up information and a bunch of other programs via our Facebook presence, click the link below if you’d like to be taken to our Facebook page where you can follow us to keep up to date with the latest news and promo’s

Happy New year, 2018 is here and we’re off and running again. With so many new things going on within ATS, we wanted to share some feed back from a customer doing some Alloy polishing on his prime mover. This truck runs Multiple trailers, Perth to Darwin, some tough roads indeed. He called us for assistance, we offered a system and he sent us this image, a fantastic before and after comparison

Using our Maverick compounds and Buffs, he was able to restore the rims to a great shine, even though it hadn’t been touched for 3 years. The right product and 45 minutes of elbow grease gave him an outstanding result.

Please contact us if you’re polishing Aluminium, Stainless, Brass, Bronze or any material for that matter, we’re here to provide not only class leading products, but as importantly expertise, coming from years of hands on experience, to make sure you’ve got the right system for the best possible results, first time, every time.

December 2017

We’re pleased to have been able to offer one of our new clients a system and a machine design that will bring a new dimension and level of productivity to his manufacturing process. A custom designed FG 330 flat bar unit from NS Maquinas.

We thank the team at NS for their on going great work, and we thank Chris and his team for the opportunity to assist and for the order….now let’s get it made and bring it from Europe to its new home in Australia.

November 2017

ATS had a display stand at the Club Laverda Qld. Concours De Elegance 2017, was a great bike show, covering an incredible array of restorations, custom bikes and trade displays.We showcased our range of metal polishes and sealants from Renegade as well as our polishing wheels and compound products, the weather was fantastic, the crowds we large and a great day was had by all. Thanks to all that dropped by to say g’day and to those that helped make it such a great success.

October 2017

A busy month for all of us, so firstly, thank you to our customers for your great support, it was a big one, and we here at ATS appreciate every opportunity you that give us to assist you.

October was our first release with a combination 3M cutting wheel and Hitachi tool promotion, again very well received  thank you, this promotion will run into November while stock lasts, so there’s still time to get your hands on a great deal…contact us to get yours underway today, we’ll be happy to assist getting one to you.

We also had the opportunity for a quick trip to the USA, for a face to face meeting with Rami and Garret Aryan of Maverick Abrasives / Renegade products which most of our customers will know well now.

We say a huge thank you, for their time and effort in showing us the potential of what’s ahead. It’s only been about a year since the first development and testing took place, and now Maverick’s range, as well as that of Renegade is the talk of the town. This is a great partnership, and we’re really excited about the road ahead as the range continues to expand in our Australian market.

September 2017

So, we’re just a little excited about a new Renegade product, called Rebel Pipe Dream , we could talk all we want, but results are results, Do you have chrome you want to protect and make gleam like new…..Click the picture


Something new from Sait

Toward the end of September we’ll be launching a promotion on our range of Sait Ceramic cutting and grinding wheels.

Many of you will have seen these and worked with us on the benchmark testing, so you know how they run. Sait have offered us 125mm cutting blades in both 1mm and 1.6mm for the heavy stuff and a grinding wheel range that is out of this world…..prepare to be dazzled,

August 2017

It’s with great pleasure that we were able to assist in meeting another clients production needs, as we delivered an ML 75 tight radius tube linishing machine to another of our valued clients. The ML 75 offers the possibility to linish and grain tighter radius bends than its big brother, the ML 100. We see this machine used in the aluminium and stainless fabrication sectors, but regardless of the substrate, it performs very well.

Please click the image of the ML below to see it in action, and if you feel it may be a solution for you, contact us so we can set up a test for you.

July 2017

It’s here….our shipment of the new Renegade Beaver wax has landed and is heading out the door, contact us for details of this product, it offers a magnificent finish on painted surfaces, chrome, stainless, you name it…Beaver’s got it covered

Here at ATS, we’re a solid team, but there’s always some state to state rivalry between our branches and well, to be honest we couldn’t help ourselves…

Congratulations to the Queensland 2017 State of Origin team for another series win.

Good luck for next year N.S.W. You’re going to need it !

June 2017

Maverick has gifted us with another magnificent product, In recent times they’ve developed and released “Beaver Wax”. We’ve tested this product as a way to protect and clean Chrome plated surfaces, mirror polished Stainless, Brass, Bronze and Aluminium. We’ve found it leaves a coating that resists non-ferrous oxidizing and on stainless cleans, adds to the shine and protects metal surfaces.

Trucks, bikes, cars, collectibles and valuables, Beaver wax has it covered…literally !

Expected into Australia early August….stay tuned we’ll let you know when it gets here !

June 2017

In June we’ve had even more NS Maquinas machinery requests. This month a company asked us if we cold provide a solution for their needs. As part of their manufacture process, they end up with a very large volume of square section 304 grade stainless steel tube cut into short lengths.

These tubes must be de-burred as part of the process, this can be very time consuming, well, it used to be anyway,

enter the OD 120, to watch the machine in action, just click the OD 120 image below

May 2017

A great month for machinery with the first ML 75 tight radius tube linisher coming into Australia… the image to learn more

And how about this magnificent piece of kit from NS….they just keep getting better…..Got to drill and tap tubular product..?…better contact us to talk about the TDM unit from NS Maquinas

April 2017

3M Australia has offered a great idea. allowing people to try an assortment of their 125mm cutting, grinding blending and Surface conditioning products, bundled up with this smart sports bag, for only $ 89.95 + Gst.,

Contact us to get yours today

March 2017

Publication1 (3)

After many months of benchmark trials, hard yards and testing against everything on the market, ATS and Maverick Abrasives are pleased to announce our joint co-operation, to bring the outstanding range of Maverick polishing compounds and products into Australia, the product is incredible, proudly manufactured in the U.S.A and bought to market with know how by ATS….The time for  change has come….

…Its name is Maverick, click the logo to learn more about the Maverick range….

March 2017

This month we’ve engaged NS to conduct some product finishing development work for a number of our clients using the NS twin belt stroke sander, the LMD 2500 2Z.

Our clients have the need to finish various odd sized stainless products, and the LMD offers a solution that stands out as very unique. Click the machine to watch it go.


February 2017

Cubitron 2 grinding wheels website

3M Australia launches the new 3M Cubitron 2™ Flexible grinding discs, this disc, simply has to be used to be believed.

Derived from its predecessor, the Greencorp™ Flexible grinding disc, the new Cubitron 2™ disc offers a new level in stock removal, rate of cut and performance, talk about stepping it up a notch.

       Click the image to learn more…and where it might be a fit for you.

February 2017

As we move into the start of March, we’re pleased to let you know we’re on board with the Fein tools latest campaign, contact us for full details or to receive a PDF of the latest offers running until end of May 2017, click the brochure to learn more about our stocked range


January 2017

A strong start to 2017 has been fantastic, as we bolt from the gate, we’re excited that yet another NS Maquinas ML 100 planetary tube machine has been put into service. with a capacity covering 10mm to 100mm, if you have straight or curved tubes that need to be finished, you might want to see the video, just click this link 

ML 100

November 2016

November has seen ATS placed yet another DM 1100C laser cutting component de-burring unit into the manufacture sector in Australia, We’re very proud to now have numerous units working in thefield. NS Maquinas have grown globally in this area and are taking the de-burring market by storm, with a strong, capable and value packed machinery range, follow this link to see the video

Dm 1100C

…October 2016…

October allows our portfolio to get even bigger, with the introduction of the Scrape and Burr tool for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. this unique tool changes everything you’ve considered possible for weld spatter, burr or dross removal on all metals, take a look for yourself on our Scrape and Burr product page.


…September 2016…

In September we welcome a new partnership with Fein tools, a quality brand with a great range and a proven track history. We’re very excited and a putting a huge amount of focus on Feins 5″ 1700 watt Inox grinder, among many other great products, the Inox tool will have a home with the serious stainless steel fabrication market


…August 2016…

3M Australia releases the new 3M Cubitron series of abrasive belts, manufactured in Australia, short lead times, great performance, outstanding value and a leader in its class


…March 2016…

ATS, in conjunction with NS Maquinas is pleased to announce the first DM1100C laser cut component de-burring machine is on the way to Australia. The DM1100C offers incredible value, time saving and great efficiency in edge rounding of laser cut components, this project will be an ATS focus over the coming months, looking to bring new technology and speed to the cut component markets.

 …January 2016…

It’s with great pride we can announce ATS Brisbane is fully operational, the warehouse is stocked with and armed with a great team, we’re keen, and ready to meet your needs and provide assistance wherever we can help.

Feel free to drop in and say hello at our Meadowbrook site, Unit 1, 61-71 Nestor Drive,

or give us a call on (07) 3805 8747 or contact us and we’ll be in touch


…October 2015…

 In development with NS Maquinas, ATS are proud to present the all new TR120 3Z

The TR120 3Z, has been specifically designed to meet the needs of one of our valued clients and will represent time and process enhancements for the preparation and finishing of stainless steel flat bar product. We’re very proud to have been a solid part of development and the first unit of its kind is now working hard in Australia.

The machine runs a variable speed feed drive, multi positioning pressure rollers, all controlled by one easy to use control wheel and 3 independent oscillating abrasive heads, minimising abrasive belt waste and bringing a new level of efficiency to the clients process capability.

Now in a production capacity, The TR 120 3Z is performing very well and bringing a new dimension to  Stainless flat bar edge finishing.