Flexible Grinding and Blending discs

Flexible grinding and weld blending

In today’s market it seems there’s an endless array of product tailored to cover almost every task. The metal and aluminium industries have taken advantage of this product series for many years, yet it still seems many, haven’t tried flexible grinding discs.

Why would you use a flexible grinding disc…what’s the advantage…?

The best way to explain it is that a flexible grinding disc is a middle ground between a sanding or fibre disc and a grinding wheel, the benefit ?, giving a clean smooth cut when bevelling, removing weld, seam welds or corners.

With conventional grinding wheels you will always get bounce and chatter marks on the work piece, grinding wheels are hard on the surface and hard on the operators, with many feeling the effect of hours upon hours behind a rigid grinding wheel. The next step is to try and smooth out the surface and get rid of the damage done by a rigid grinding wheel.

And this is the advantage. The use of a flexible grinding disc will allow you to grind quickly, remove a solid amount of stock, yet not heavily damage the surface you’re working on, thus saving you repair time or clean up time on your next step. It doesn’t bounce or send vibration back through the arms of the operator, it’s much smoother to use. Another clear benefit, is that due to the construction of a flexible grinding disc, it won’t load when working on non-ferrous materials.

At ATS we carry three types of flexible grinding discs, all manufactured by the 3M company. The first is the WA series constructed in Aluminium Oxide, very friable and good on nearly all materials, it’s great value. The second is the Greencorp™ range, a product that is constructed using a Ceramic abrasive blend, outstanding on mild steel, stainless steels and aluminium grinding. and the third is the newest member of the family, only coming to market early in 2017, The Cubitron 2™ disc.


The Cubitron 2™ disc, utilizes 3M’s PSG™ or Precision Shaped Grain. For those of you that may have used the Cubitron™ fibre or grinding wheels before, well you already know what it’s about. It shreds metal like nothing other and this new discs carries on that tradition in fine form.

Do yourself a favour and Contact us if you’re not familiar with this product, let us demonstrate it for you.