The DM 1100 C


In industry today a large market has surfaced with supply of laser cut componentry being offered to fabricators and manufacturers. Many of these are repeat orders and numbers can be high in volume. NS has risen to the challenge and bought an offering machines to meet these de-burring needs

The DM1100C

The DM 1100 uses twin cross-belt technology, this allows fast de-burring with a consistent diffused surface finish on all components. The machine can de-burr component as small as 50 x 50mm, it has a variable speed feed table the runs from 0.6 up to 3.2 meters per minute. It can also utilize a variable speed on the cross belts, giving the operator extraordinary flexibility, to adjust to the material type and thickness required.
Commonly the machine will de-burr component from 0.8 up to a maximum of 50mm high with a working maximum width of 1100mm
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