The MLW 100 wet tube linisher


NS Maquinas manufacture a range of machines specific to finishing curved, bent or straight tubular product. The MLW family are as diverse as they are incredible offering machines that can run dry, or wet and within the machine family can cover sizes from 10mm diameter up to 300mm diameter.

The MLW 100

 The MLW 100 is a wet running machine, but can be run dry. it has capability to run 10mm up to 100mm diameter tube product and can be set up with variable speed auto feed unit which are easy taken out of the way to process curved tube. The MLW can be set up with variable speed abrasive belts and variable speed abrasive belt rotation, this mean it can be built to process oval tube just as easily as round tube.

If larger diameters are required, no problem, full autoloaders and many other options are available, custom tailored to suit your needs.

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