Fein power tools


Founded in 1867 by brothers Wilhelm and Carl Fein, Fein power tools has evolved to become a global leader in purpose built industrial and professional quality tools. Here at ATS, we were looking to add to our range of tools, but wanted something that was stronger and better than the everyday offering, Fein fits that bill.

While we offer the entire Fein range, we stock and carry at all times a specific series of lines that directly fit to our abrasive market direction, these tools have proven themselves in the toughest of circumstance, so we’re more than happy to offer them to you.

The WSG 7-100


The WSG 7-100 Grinder is a good all rounder 4″ machine when it comes to size, weight and performance. The  tool is powered by a 760 watt motor, has a good shape to its streamlined body, and carries a 3 year warranty.

The WSG 8-125


The WSG 8 – 125 grinder is one of the newest kids on the block. The 5″ machines boast all the required features of general purpose tool, good for weld blending, 1mm and 1.6mm blade cutting operations and sanding. A good tool for general engineering and sheetmetal fabrication applications. It’s powered by an 800 watt motor and also carries a 3 year warranty

The WSG 17-125 PS


Now this tool is really something special. We ran this 1700 watt tool against many of the other offerings from Fein, what we found surprised us no end. This tool is designed to be a low peed high torque unit. At a maximum speed of only 8500 RPM, we thought surely it’ll be too slow, we were wrong, very wrong. What we found, was that it could be loaded up in the most horrendous circumstances, in the face of the most arduous task, grinding or heavy cutting, with ease, it ate it for breakfast, we couldn’t believe it. With loads of Grunt to burn, loads of power and three year warranty….the WSG 17-125 PS is the goods.

The WSG 17-70 Inox

WSG17-70-3 Inox

A stainless fabricators dream. This tool offers it all and more. A powerful 1700 watt motor drives it with lots of mumbo. Variable speed, soft start and all the bells and whistles that you would come to expect. This tool is very popular with sheety’s, it can be used to cut, grind and blend like any grinder, but you can then dial back the speed to run surface conditioning discs, put a short series tapered spindle on it to run Scotchbrite™ wheels and mops to grain and blend benchwork etc.

But then if you need ot you can run key-way 100mm x 100mm flap brushes, expanding soft foam wheels and Trizact™ or Surface conditioning belts, Dyna-cushions or polishing mops and sisals….making it one of the most versatile site tools there is, and all backed up with a 3 year warranty to boot, value…you know it.

The WSG 17-70 Inox RT

17-70 INOX RT

Exactly the same as the  WSG 17-70 Inox tool above, just a longer tail handle piece.