Technical assistance


We strongly believe that it’s what we do that sets ATS aside from all the others. Our solid commitment to providing our valued clients a sound, efficient and valuable process whenever we’re called on to assist, backing it up with fast efficient delivery.

Some people ask us why it is that we carry a number of different brands of products, the reason in our eyes is simple. While some of our product range overlaps, we’ve found through years of hands on work that certain products, or grades and types of products from different manufacturers work better when mixed and used together. At ATS, we feel we’ve got the best mixture of the best brands of products made today and that combining them often provides the best outcome for our customers and it’s our customers that come first.

We often get asked to set up procedures, assist in training and make sure that our products are being used to give the best return possible, this is something we take very seriously. We’re also asked to offer step by step assistance or to put together information for clients that may be in remote areas, again this is part of our charter, and we’re always pleased to assist.

We’ve historically created programs, SOP’s or best practice procedures for product use. We’ve created things like this video, when one of our new customers asked about finishing 2B sheet to a grained finish, we made this short film, sent it to him and solved his problem.

 We did the same when a client asked about a fast and efficient way to dress and polish stainless tube…We got samples of his product, worked a process that would solve the issues he faced, with his particular component he wished to remove bend marks on his material, we made it bright and sent it back to him with this short film and a full report. Our goal is to stand behind our product and our advice, it’s not a guess, it’s because we’ve used the product, pushed it to the limits, found it’s strength and its weakness and made sure if was fit for task

We did the same in the short clip below. A client that was a substantial distance away wanted to see if we could offer a process on stainless schedule pipe finishing. We did this clip, sent his product back along with a report on what products we used and why….a great result.

We’re ready to assist you, we want to help, we know it’s not always easy, but we’re up to the challenge and ready to go…contact us and give us an opportunity to see what we can do for your business.