Inside and out – Rebel Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic

Rebel Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic

Produced to be a high end product for inside, out side and on your pride and joy, Rubber, Vinyl and plastic is streets above the opposition. a water based product, the Rebel Rubber, Vinyl and plastic offers a deep but non slippery shine when applied, it’s anti static and UV stable. Ideal for leather or vinyl, it offers a softening pliable surface behind as it penetrates.

When used on the outside, on vehicle tyres, it protects and offers a deep shine and protection, without that tacky, sticky residue. This product is an amazing all rounder, and owners of bikes, cars, trucks, boats and personal watercraft even off road buggys and dirt bikes have all given the same great feedback when they’ve used the product. It’s in a good sized 24 oz bottle with a spray applicator and a little goes along way

Rebel Rubber, Vinyl and plastic takes protection and applied shine to a new level.

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