For a show shine on Alloy, brass, bronze etc. – Rebel Red

Rebel Red Liquid Metal Polish

With many of us at ATS being partial to nice cars and motorcycles, Rebel Red caught our attention straight away.

We were very curious to know how good this product really was.The initial test was conducted on a 1982 Harley Davidson, Shovelhead motor, in particular, the very difficult to maintain rockers covers.

Anyone that knows these motors, understands that due to silicone levels, they’re one of the hardest part to make shine and care for on these beautiful old bikes.

When tested against the leading brands of metal polish, Rebel offered a far better shine, in less time and with little to no residue on the rest of the engine, and we very quickly found a little, goes a mighty long way.

Something else we found was that the Rebel product left a coating over the polished alloy, and this slowed the oxidising process considerably.

After 6 weeks on the side we polished with Rebel Red,  it was just so evident, in fact it was night and day, compared to the side that had been polished with another well known brand….but the motor image on the right tells you its own story. 

Got a sweet truck, car or bike that you want to make look as good as it can ? then you might want to get this product into your detailing and restoration program and give it a spin a…….Contact us for information or to get your hands on these products today