Metal Polishing – Compound Bars / Blocks

Maverick’s Renegade range of polishing products


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ATS is very pleased to welcome our newest partner, Maverick Abrasives on board. We’ve found Maverick (a family owned company) to be a company that is hands on, can do, a fine group of people who engage the market and manufacture a range of metal polishing compounds and liquid that is quite simply, the absolute best we’ve ever seen in Australia, in over 30 years in the industry.

With all compounds proudly manufactured in the United States, we’ve seen a level of finish on Stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper and Bronze that is a far above everything on the market. ATS engaged 4 months of in-depth trials and testing, involving long term clients from many different fields, including Metal polishing, alloy vehicle component manufacture, plating and metal refinishing….the results from everyone were exactly the same…..When can we have it, we need it now.

Introducing – Infinity Blue


Infinity Blue is a shining light, for an ultra-sharp lustre specifically on all grades of Stainless steel, it gives you a blue crisp finish and has had our customers screaming for more. If you have a Stainless product that needs to glow, Infinity Blue is your compound….end of story

Introducing – Infinity Green    


We’ve found this compound outstanding on Stainless Steel as well as Aluminium. On Stainless, it provides a sharp, crisp shine, while still having the ability and cut to remove finer imperfections or marks left my the previous cutting compounds. Infinity Green is a superb finishing compound with a unique lubricated action that will bring your Stainless to a level of shine, you never thought possible. For cast alloy, billet alloy and extrusion we’ve found the same result, Bull Bars, Nudge bars and racks again a great result and no fine white streaking or haze you get with other compounds….try it for yourself and and be in awe of the results.

Introducing – Super G


Super G is again good for both Stainless and Aluminium, but our test has shown it has very similar properties to  Infinity Green, yet it is a slightly drier compound. Feed back also shows it’s better for operators that are plating, as the residue that Super G leaves behind is so minimal, it doesn’t cause any issues with contamination in the plating process, while delivering a class leading finish.

Introducing – White Lightning

White lightning is another fine finisher product. We bench marked this product in the area of surgical tool manufacture. This industry required a dry, very fine cutting product that would leave a surface value that was second to none and could pass the most stringent visual inspections that are critical to this type of industry. We also found for fine finishing of perspex, White Lightning delivered again, not what it was designed for at all, yet it was magnificent.

Introducing – Tri-cut


This product is an intermediate cutter and finisher. For example, if you have say Aluminium, Brass or even Steel and Stainless, that has light marking or a scratch pattern from an abrasive belt or disc, Tri-Cut is used to remove the scratches and actually leaves quite a good finish on its own. For the most part we’d see this type of product used to cut, then depending on the substrate, a secondary finisher like Infinity Green or Infinity Blue would be used, to bring up the final bright finish. We will also be offering a liquid version of this product

Introducing – Supercut MG.


 As the name suggests, this product is designed to cut, all metals and alloys, should that be your task. Supercut MG is a medium greasy product, meaning its grease content will lend it to sticking to the polishing mops slightly better and it will also stick to the job better, the other side of this means that it will and does, leave a little more residue that other cutting products will, some clients prefer a medium greasy product, some prefer a slightly drier product.



Introducing – Ultracut 5


Like its brother product, Ultracut 5 is also designed to cut, Steel, Stainless and any non-ferrous material that gets in its way. The products ability to level out surface imperfections is fantastic and Ultracut 5 is a drier, more aggressive product than Supercut MG, offering a great choice when it comes to your needs on the heavier cutting end of the stick.


Please contact us to arrange a sample or a demonstration of this great range