NS Machines


NS Maquinas has developed to become one of the most diverse, engaged and flexible manufacturers of specialist metal finishing machines on the planet today. ATS is very excited to represent NS in Australia and New Zealand and we are proudly bringing their unique range of equipment to manufacturers in the Stainless processing and fabrication fields as well as the Aluminium and Steel industry in this country.

Besides high quality component and manufacturing tolerance, flexibility from NS brings a well rounded understanding of what we need in Australia, with machines built tough and built to cope with the many varied lower volume jobs we deal with day to day.

 De-Burring, grinding and linishing of flat and tubular materials and linishing of obscure shapes, it’s not a problem for NS Maquinas, with an extensive array of NS equipment already working everyday in Australia, we see the potential and interest growing every month.

Please contact us today for a catalogue or consultation so can show you how big the range from NS Maquinas is and just what the machines can do for you or feel free to take a look at the NS website via the link below.