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 Cubitron™ Abrasive Products

Founded in 1902, the 3M company has grown to be a powerhouse in the abrasive finishing market worldwide. With an incredible range of product and a solid support mechanism, the 3M company can boast a level of innovation that few could rival, with one third of its sales coming from products, that have been developed in the last 5 years.

As a valued partner to ATS, we call on the 3M range of specialist abrasive products when working to improve a wide scope of metal, composite, timber and many other surface finishing needs. 3M recent developments have offered a new way to grind and blend metal, introducing the Cubitron™ range of product

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 The Cubitron™ range is an exiting release from 3M for the metal and Stainless market, why, great question. Put simply, it cuts faster for longer and with far less heat than anything that has come before it, end of story.

The mineral construction process that 3M has developed is the key to this weapons great success. A sharp, unique abrasive construction allows the Cubitron™ product to slice rather than drag the material away from the substrate surface. This action has a dramatic impact on the temperature created by the grinding process.Grain

In effect the action of the Cubitron™ mineral in keeping down the heat, helps to extend the abrasive life to begin with, heat as we know is the enemy of all coated and bonded abrasive products. Aside from this benefit, the speed and consistency of cut is what sets Cubitron™ apart from other product. It’s worth  testing for yourself. Try it, see if you can grind and remove stock from the toughest work-piece faster with anything else, the results will speak for themselves.

The range of product offered by 3M using this technology is quite comprehensive, covering obviously grinding wheels, cutting and ultra-thin cutting wheels and leading into fibre discs in both standard and top sized product for Stainless applications. 3M also have a range of quick change discs and some specialist Scotch Brite™ wheels and discs, all taking advantage of what Cubitron has to offer. Like to try it…contact us today

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With literally thousands of products in the 3M abrasive systems range, each developed to offer a very specific solution. 3M stands alone as a unique and premium brand, offering some of the most significant steps and developments in finishing that have been  taken in the last many decades.

When we think of 3M so many key product ranges come to mind. ATS carries and is now manufacturing an extensive range of 3M Abrasive belts, including Trizact™, Scotch-Brite™ and the tough and durable zirconia product 577F™.

Regardless of your industry we have a valued 3M product to assist and we stand ready to show you how 3M and ATS can bring value to your production systems. contact us to set up a time for a demonstration at your facility, working on your product along side your staff we look forward to your call.