Sait abrasives

Established in Italy in 1953, SAIT Abrasives is today one of the largest specialty abrasive manufacturers in the world.  Sait produces a fantastic range of both bonded and coated abrasives for the global steel and stainless steel fabrication markets. ATS is proud to be the Australian agent for Sait Abrasives.

Sait reinforced

With so many class leading product lines, Sait has your finishing needs well and truly covered. An outstanding range of cloth and fibre materials, give ATS Scope to meet your needs. Sait offer an intensely diverse range of cutting and grinding wheels, very specifically produced to match the vastly different requirements of todays fabrication sectors.

 Sait are also known Australia wide for their range of tough and proven fibre discs. Regardless of weather you’re fabricating steel, alloy or stainless, Sait have a product for you.

Just ask someone you know in the stainless industry about the Sait 3A product there’s no doubt it’s among the best you’ll use, designed and manufactured in a class of their own. And while 3A is no doubt a very solid performer, Sait also have an outstanding Alox and ceramic product, well made, beautifully packaged in lock down stackable blocks and ready for work.

ATS has a full range of Sait velcro backed metal working discs in stock, covering heavy weight aluminium oxide, zirconia and ceramic abrasive,  perfectly matched to aggressive grinding, as well as fine finishing. We’re also carrying a full compliment of quality Sait flap discs, shaft mounted flap wheels, combination flap wheels, utility rolls and graining wheels. contact us now, and let us show you the advantage Sait brings to your workplace.