Pferd products


Steep with tradition, Pferd is a name synonymous with quality. Founded in 1799, Pferd began by making files for blacksmiths. Progressively Pferd has developed expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of quality abrasives and cutting tools. With ISO 9001 certification and two centuries of experience. Pferd has become a global presence in the marketplace.

Pferd cutting and grinding

While known widely for its great range of cutting and grinding wheels, its as important to understand that Pferd has a range of product that extends into many other areas of metal finishing. Tungsten carbide burrs, Quality mounted points, in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and types are also available. Pferd have an extensive wire brush range, shaft mounted flap wheels, flap discs and literally hundreds of unique product for fine finishing and polish preparation. 

The team at ATS has a very long association with the Pferd specialty range. And we currently stock a very good cross section of product, covering many needs in the steel and stainless steel markets. We’re also covering many needs from the casting and foundry manufacturing industry, encompassing heavy stock removal to finer finishing and metal shaping.

ATS works heavily with Pferd products in the field, to assist in solutions for many metal finishing challenges, this extends past the Pferd range and into the VSM Abrasives coated range as well, a quailty product that Pferd brings to Australia. We believe strongly in both ranges of product, their heritage, consistency, quality and the value they deliver into the metal and stainless fabrication sectors, foundry work and blending and finishing of all ferrous and non ferrous materials.

With a ton of demonstration product always ready for evaluation and available at anytime, please contact us we’d be happy to introduce you to the Pferd and VSM range.

Pferd mix up