Rucos Contact wheels

Contact wheels

ATS offers a wide range of unusual contact wheels and rollers to assist you in setting up your standard or custom linishing operations. For many years when it comes to contact wheels, we’ve worked with products from RUCOS based out of Italy.

   RUCOS is a premier manufacturer of an incredible range of contact wheels, known the world over. From hard grinding applications, through to general de-burring and blending, then on to flexible linishing set ups for the metal polishing and chrome plating industries, RUCOS has it covered.

Correct choice of contact wheel can make or break any linishing application. Material choice, hardness, serration spacing or angle all have a pivotal role in giving you the best result and helping to get the most out of your abrasive belts. Our selection of stock wheels is quite vast covering various hardness, serration types and sponge wheel products.

Contact us so we can explain what options we can offer to suit your task.