Scrape n Burr tool


When we launched the Scrape N Burr tool, initially we got mixed feed back. The most common question was what’s so special about it…?

We just use a brickies bolster, a piece of metal, an old file or a bit of steel we make up ourselves many said, the answer was simple

How many times a day do you have to grind your brickies bolster to keep an edge on it so it works….oh,  3 or 4 was the answer, and your old file, it’s brittle and cracks away right…yes it does. And the tools you make yourself from old stainless or steel…how many times a day do you have to re-dress it…? oh a few was the answer, well here’s what Scrape n Burr does.

And what makes it special is the over-engineered handle that has a strike plate on the end, we’ve seen clients get into it with a 5 pound hammer….daily, no issue.

But as the picture says, it’s the blade that holds the technology. One of our staff told a few clients the blade was made of Unobtanium, and no, it’s not on the periodic table….because that’s not true, but it was quite funny at the time. It’s the Dualast® technology in the blade that sets it apart.


What is true though, is that the blade is a very unique and tough as hell material, designed and treated so it delivers a level of performance that is unprecedented on any industrial scraping tool we’ve ever seen.
You can use this tool to remove heavy burr, dross of the highest level and it just keeps going ,
Eventually when you get some loss of the square edges on the blade, you simply take it over to a linisher and re-dress it square. The material won’t heat harden, it won’t work harden, it just starts over and continues to take the punishment like nothing you’ve ever seen….period

On top of this, we’ve got Scrape n Burr tools with 1.5″ blades, the most commonly used 3″ blades and a whopping 4.5″ blade, in stock and ready to send to you now, replacement blades are also in stock, not that we think you’ll need one anytime soon.

contact us and give the Scrape and Burr tool a run for yourself, there’s little doubt you’ll be amazed and as we’ve said to many, if it isn’t everything we’ve said and more, we’ll refund it and give your money back, we haven’t had to yet, our clients have only ordered more tools.