About us

Our Company

Established in 2013, ATS brings with it an eager and fresh approach to customer service. Armed with high quality products and a genuine customer engagement. ATS is defined by its staff and its partners. Our team of product specialists cover a vast spectrum of the metal finishing, composite production, machine design and application market, as well as specialist concrete construction products. We bring decades of hands on, can do focus to the metal, aluminium, timber and stainless steel markets with a focused and clear mind set, we’ll always be measured on the value we can bring to our customers.

Starting in New South Wales, our first warehouse and abrasive belt conversion plant took shape very quickly. Expansion into Queensland is complete, with our Brisbane branch being established at the end of 2015 and ready for action and at full capacity by the start of trading in January 2016, thanks to the hard work of our Brisbane team. Proudly, and with solid partnerships and co-operation from many businesses in other states of Australia, we are forging ahead to make ATS a solid and respected force within the industry, February 2016 had us set up operations in Western Australia, expanding our network and our team as we move forward.

In house manufacturing

ATS has invested in, and now commissioned a brand new  state of the art abrasive belt line from one of the world leaders in belt manufacturing technology.  This manufacturing plant gives us the speed and efficiency to be able to manufacture abrasive belts covering all aspects of the metal working and timber field.

Conversion line

Our team at ATS will work to qualify and confirm which abrasive belt material from our range is most suitable for your manufacturing or finishing process. Then we’ll manufacture it to perfection for you in a timely manner, the quality being monitored all the while by our experienced team.

Regardless of where you are, when the others can’t, we’ll work feverishly to find a way, when it get’s too hard for some, we’ll collaborate to make it so. This is our future, our passion, it’s what defines us and we’re eager to assist you. We look forward to the opportunity to prove to you, just what the team at ATS is capable of, because we feel, we’re far more than just an abrasive supplier.