Spiral bands

Spiral bands

ATS can offer a large range of fine grinding options when it comes to small or hard to reach work areas. Having a solid knowledge of production technique, we’ve worked to bring a quality range of spiral band product to the metal and stainless engineering markets.

Spiral bands ceramic

With a steep history going back over 20 years in spiral manufacture, we’ve come to understand clearly what is expected and needed by the market and we’ve made our spiral bands tough, long wearing and up to the task.

With a size range covering 3/8″ diameter up to 4″ diameter we offer specialist prepared product in top quality Ceramic abrasive material, perfect for the toughest grinding task and in a grit range that covers coarse stock removal to fine grinding and blending.

Slotted siral band mandrelWe can also offer a full range of mandrels to suit in both slotted expanding as well as screw type fitment. Our spiral bands are used in a wide field of applications, from extreme stock removal on exotic cast materials to general engineering and internal de-burring and have found a serious place in the stainless steel industry as a market leader.

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