Stainless flat bar edge polishing

The task was to reduce time. Historically, our customer like everyone else, would turn their stainless flat bar on the side and feed it through their  flat bar machines. This was tedious to set up, it wasted even use of abrasive belts but most importantly it wasted large amounts of time.

We did a time and motion study, saw the issue and in conjunction with NS Maquinas sought a solution. A machine that would give the scope of feed that would cover the aggressive cutting stages and be flexible enough to increase through put on the finer end. It had to be fast and simple to set up, it had to be safe, strong and save time, lots of time. This machine would be the first of its kind, a new generation in edge grinding efficiency, the TR 120 3Z was born, a first for NS and its home would be Australia.

The TR 120 3Z performs very well, offering very high feed rates with finishes up to 1200 grade, it can cope with a variety of material width and thickness. The machine can cope with full 6 mtr. length material, as well as short sections.
Adjustment is easy, control on all aspects of the machine is at your finger tips, it’s safe, fast and cost efficient. So if you need to grind and polish stainless flat bar stock, contact us to show you a new way to do it.