Suhner power tools

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Suhner is a name synonymous with specific, high grade tooling. Each Suhner tool is designed and manufactured with specialist tasks in mind. Quality European manufacturing standards, the best quality assured processes see Suhner offer nothing but quality to the fabrication markets.

Clear evidence is the range of tools offered to the stainless fabrication industry, look in any fabrication shop and you’ll always see some Suhner tooling, for example,

The UTG 9R

UTG 9R in action

Designed for use on tube and pipe product, we see today, this tool used widely with clients producing or doing repair work on balustrade and handrails.

The UTG will wrap around the work-piece, avoiding the potential to create flat spots and is used for not only cutting a final grain or blending the surface, but also used  with coarser belts , to remove welds. We’ve commonly seen this tool used in conjunction with 3M Surface conditioning products, in handrail reclamation or restoration work. ATS has and engages demonstration UTG tools and we carry a wide range of abrasive belts at all times.

Please contact us if you would like an onsite demonstration of the UTG tool to gain a full understanding of its potential.

The UKC 3R

UKC_3R fillet grinder

UKC 3r in useAnother very popular tool in the stainless market is the Suhner UKC 3R fillet grinder. This tool is designed to reach into hard to access corners and areas that normally would create problems, when dressing, removing or blending tight corner welds.

This tool has variable speed, soft start and plenty of power and the UKC is of great value when shaping or coving welds. We’ve seen the tool used to clean burn marks, remove weld shape and commonly used as a step before sisal cutting and final mirror finishing work. At ATS, we’ve fitted up and offered this tool with a wide range of abrasives, from non woven unitised wheels of various grades and flexibility right up to the range of specialist finishing wheels offered by Rexcut USA, all of which are in stock.

Please contact us if you have a corner or tight access weld finishing problem and would like an onsite demonstration of the UKC tool to see if it’s a fit for your needs.

The USK 6R

 Suhner’s Usk 6R is for a stainless fabricator, potentially one of the best straight grinders available. With a myriad of functions including variable speed, soft start, constant speed / load control and thermal overload protection, it’s hard to imagine a better tool.

USK 6R image

Light weight and full of power, this tool covers almost everything. you can fit a 1/4″ collet and run spiral bands, shaft mounted flap wheels or even small mops by fitting a small tapered spindle. On the other hand it’s widely used with non woven wheels of all types, single and half section sisals, and up to two section wide grit mops.

Usk6r in use

We’ve had extensive experience with this tool over many years, fitting them with inflatable drums, expanding mandrels and the like, it’s a standout product and one that we have ready to demonstrate anytime you may wish to see it.

Please contact us if you would like to see the diversity and flexibility of the USK 6R, it hard to go past this level of quality.